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We've been Camping and Glamping at Noah's Ark Caravan Park Perth for well over 5 years now and we've never had a bad stay. Great staff, really good facilities and plenty for the kids to do. This time though we had a dog. We only got 'Ben The Vizsla' at the tail end of last summer and this was our first camping trip with our new canine family member. It was going to be interesting that's for sure. Before I go any further can I just say that Noah's Ark really is a Dog Friendly Caravan and Camping Park. We recommend visiting ever so highly! 5 Stars! The next bit is just our wee camping trip story with Ben! Enjoy.

Our wee Camping Trip with Ben The Vizsla

The packing of the car was a challenge as we thought we would have to leave space for the dog to lie down. Nope. He just climbed through the seats, past the kids and just lay as near to the front of the car as possible. He's young and still not great at travelling. He can just ride up front from now on : )

After an hours drive from Glasgow (ideally situated by the way) we arrived at the park. On arrival one of the things that the park staff will stipulate is that dogs must be kept on lead at all times. This rule is pretty well observed over the piece but a lot of the older and smaller dogs seemed to just stay alongside their owners. Generally well behaved really ... our Ben can be a bit inquisitive so a spike for the outside of the tent was on the shopping list. I'm pretty sure the park owners don't approve of it ... but there is a huge piece of grass at the bottom of the park that a few (well trained) dogs were chasing and retrieving a ball in. Not our Ben - he'd be back up to the tent to say hello to all the other (well behaved) dogs! There was an opening to a fenced-off area of woods that I managed to let him off-lead and sniff about in. He was genuinely happy with that.

If you want to stretch those legs a bit more the Park is situated excellently with a large public park across the road and a public walkway pretty much surrounding the whole place with plenty of places for the dogs to explore - on and off-lead. We had an excellent walk all the way around and met some other lovely dogs/humans (even another Vizla - The beautiful Mika) along the way. They are quite narrow walkways but Ben loved darting in an out of the long grass.

All-in-all if you are looking for a place to camp/park/glamp then Noah's Ark Caravan Park Perth is definitely a Dog Friendly place to be. We would thoroughly recommend it ... for you and your dog(s).

Thanks for the chance to tell our wee dog adventure story guys.

Thanks for the lovely story - Get in touch with your own

Scott and his family visit regularly. We look forward to seeing him and his dog very soon! Get in touch today to find out about a dog-friendly pitch!

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