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A kind of review

We recently had a family visit our Caravan Park. Scott, Louise, Zoe and Bethany. Scott and Louise are the owners of a digital marketing company called GAAP Digital and kindly wrote a Blog post on their own site talking about their stay at Noah's Ark Caravan Park.

Have a read at their Blog/Review here - NOAH'S ARK CARAVAN PARK - OCTOLODGES 2017

They have let us use some of the photographs they took whilst staying with us. We get many reviews from many happy people on Facebook and other social channels but this is a really nice 'story' about a 3 day stay in an Octolodge at Noah's Ark Caravan Park.

It's quite funny as the kids ended up referring to the lodges as 'Hobbit Huts'. It's not the first time someone has called them that. Maybe we should make more of that - Any Lord of the Rings or Hobbit Fans out there? : )

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